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Garage Door Repair in Phoenix, AZ

Also Serving Glendale, Peoria, Scottsdale & Surrounding Areas.

Discovering what exactly is wrong with a garage door can be an overwhelming task because of the dozens of features and components each door has. However, garage door repair can be made simple with the help of Hung-Rite Door.

Our technicians are trained to find the source of your garage door problem quickly, saving you from having to identify the source yourself and find a solution. We are confident that we can fix any garage door problem that you have!

Certified Contractors

Garage doors are made up of many moving mechanical parts that can pose a hazard to anyone who doesn't understand their functions. The features that allow your garage door to open and close with ease are all held together by tension cables and springs that can snap if tampered with, injuring yourself or others.

For this reason, experts don't advise owners to tinker with their garage door themselves when a problem arises. Rely on the expertise and knowledge of a Hung-Rite Door contractor for all your repair and replacement needs to keep yourself safe.

All of our contractors are all trained, licensed, and insured so the quality and safety of their work is guaranteed. We are a family-owned and operated business, and all of our technicians are employees, not sub-contractors, so that we can fully stand by our work.

Repairs That Last

You can be assured of the quality and longevity of your garage door repair when you work with a Hung-Rite Door contractor. We use all manufacturer original parts or equipment that is better than the original. We carry a variety of different brands and suppliers so any repair we make is built to last.